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This is where you can apply with this Private Fleet Owner (PFO). Simply fill out the no-obligation form with your information and submit to the PFO for review. You will be contacted by the boat owner to confirm he has received your application and schedule a date and time to meet at the boat. The vetting will allow you to test drive the boat and demonstrate your skill level. A seperate fee may apply, but will be applied to membership if approved. Please consult with your Private Fleet Owner for details.

Once approved, an approval code and link will be sent so you can complete the enrollment and payment process and get ready to boat!

Please follow these simple and important steps to ensure you properly select your recreation activity plan:

1. Fill out the personal information form.

2. If more than one family option is available for this PFO, select your desired family plan. NOTE: If no category displays after clicking on family members, then it is limited to single.

3. If PFO offers more than one category, select your desired recreational category(ies). 

4. IMPORTANT: Once you receive your approval code, enter it above the Agreement and click on the bar above the Agreement field to copy your information and selections.

5. Once you have read and agreed to the Membership Agreement, then submit and proceed to payment with PayPal using all major credit cards.

6. If you prefer, you can call 949-441-2446 or click the contact form above and an agent will contact you for further assistance.

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