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Dana Point Harbor


Private Fleet is a better way to have access to your favorite boat virtually anytime. By becoming a Private Fleet member, you choose the boat and location and become dedicated to that boat with a few other vetted, responsible members like you. Also, most boats are privately owned and managed by the owner and members alike to ensure the highest level of maintenance, performance and pride. In fact, many member groups are friends and family members or eventually become friends you can trust.

Anyone who owns a boat can become a Private Fleet owner if the boat meets certain criteria to ensure safety and reliability. In return, the boat owner will enjoy income to support the costs of ownership while resting assured that all members are vetted by the owner and limited to whatever level desired. Members benefit with huge savings, pride of membership and backed with technology to manage member usage on the fly from your computer or mobile device.

Depending on your boat and location, most Private Fleet owners limit their memberships to between 10-15 users. All owners will have access to their own control panel settings for member ratio, daily and monthly use caps, membership fee, discounts, blackout dates, and more. Owners will also enjoy our PayPal gateway for receiving payment or down payment plus automatic monthly payments. All user activity, accounting, member profile update, and many other details are available.

To become a member or list your boat, please click on “Apply Here” from the header above. Or if you have questions, please click on our Contact Us page and fill out the contact form or call/text 949-374-4326 and we'll be happy to assist you.